Saturday, July 19, 2008


This is a movie related to atch fixing . Emraan Hashmi plays the lead and opposite him is a newcomer Sonal Chauhan.. The movie is tight and gripping and the actors have done a good job.... I didnt find this movie too long or boring.. I was a good watch... Did get to see a good bollywood movie after a long time

Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na

Watched this much talked about movie...This movie does make a pleasant watch..I will surely appeal to the college crowd... Some people might easily identify themselves with the characters... All the characters are finely written with a lot of detail. I did like the character played by Aditi(Genelia's) brother... the character was well written and the actor did really good justice to this well written character... Also Imran Khans girlfriend did have a nice role... The details taken were nice to observe... Overall a pleasant movie to watch..

Dark Knight

This is a great movie.. the director Christopher Nolan has done a great job, and he's done it with such flair that the audience is left begging for more. And the most talked about character... Heath Ledger as the Joker has done an excellent job.. He is the greatest villain of all time in the Batman series... Also BATMAN Christian Bale is in great form...

This 152-minute film should have been longer.... Its a great watch. This movie has already broken some box office records .....

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Krazzy 4 Music

Rajesh Roshan has given the soundtrack of this comedy involving 4 guys.SRK sure look impressive in the promo songs released so far. He looks a bit like Micheal Jackson in this song.Dekhta hai tu kya fail to translate into a fun and spunky composition.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

MTV Roadies

Hey folks... any roadies fans here... I am a real fan of this series. A great concept and very well executed series I must say. Every episode of Roadies 5.0 is gettting better and better. The vikrant ouster was a big shock. Never expected that he would get bumped off the journey so fast. And the mastermind Snehashish too get thrown off was quiet unexpected. But guys I guess that he had to go .. as Ragu would put it..He was not exactly a Raodies material... A great plotter thought but still you need more than that to survive on this series. You got to have the guts and the right mindset for Roadies. Initially I thought that the thirteen people they picked up we not that great as compared to last year. But now I am convinced that Raghu and his team made the right choice. So looking forward to see who wins this Race. Any Roadies fan out there is welcome to leave a comment for this post..

Om Shanti Om

Hey folks ... saw this movie. The movie starts with a Rishi Kapoor scene from Karz. A nice way to display the flavour of the movie. The movie first half is very well shot and humour is excellent. Shreyas does well to compliment Shar Ruk Khan in the comedy scenes. The second half though is a bit of a drag. But in all a very entertaining movie to watch. Music too is good.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Race Music

Race music is good. The album has some very good tracks. Its consists of some fast paced and thrilling tracks. The title track "Race sanson ki" is a winner. It is already a hit. It has music that can force one to break into a jig.

The next song worth a mention is “Pehli nazar mein”. Sung by Atif Aslam. Its the next best track of this album. The soft music and excellent lyric make this song worth listening to again. This album also comes with two remix versions of this song.

This album overall is a sure winner. Looking forward at seeing how good the movie is. The promos too are quiet impressive.

Watch the preview of “Pehli nazar mein”. You will enjoy this song.