Saturday, March 8, 2008

MTV Roadies

Hey folks... any roadies fans here... I am a real fan of this series. A great concept and very well executed series I must say. Every episode of Roadies 5.0 is gettting better and better. The vikrant ouster was a big shock. Never expected that he would get bumped off the journey so fast. And the mastermind Snehashish too get thrown off was quiet unexpected. But guys I guess that he had to go .. as Ragu would put it..He was not exactly a Raodies material... A great plotter thought but still you need more than that to survive on this series. You got to have the guts and the right mindset for Roadies. Initially I thought that the thirteen people they picked up we not that great as compared to last year. But now I am convinced that Raghu and his team made the right choice. So looking forward to see who wins this Race. Any Roadies fan out there is welcome to leave a comment for this post..

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